TFT Monitors from £15

Excel Data Systems specialise in refurbishing and selling monitors as you and your customers upgrade to bigger and flatter screens. Computer monitors are difficult to recycle and hence a price is normally charged for their disposal. As Excel Data Systems have a good market for second user monitors, we can buy your monitors adding value with our professional rebuild and test regime that ensures the unit is electronically perfect, cosmetically acceptable and safe to operate.



We test and repair all monitors/TFTs for primary colours, focus, purity, convergence and safety which is followed by a minimum of 2 hours "soak" test to ensure the monitor performs satisfactorily. The next stage is to check the monitor for its cosmetic appearance, which will determine the grade and hence price, with three bands of price available from A (perfect and complete) to C (scratch or discoloured or less stand). Monitors are sold with a one-month return and replace policy.

We have a large stock of monitors of all sizes available for orders from 1 to 1000 and to keep this stock updated we are always looking for monitors that may be suitable for refurbishment.